P/T Plugs: Test Plugs for Pressure or Temperature

Why A SISCO Plug?

Zero Leakage to 1000 PSIG

Our dual core seal design with the membrane coupler serves a dual purpose…

  • Dual core design allows the bottom seal to close, sealing your system before the probe is fully removed through the top core.
  • The membrane connecting the two separate cores maintains true alignment for increased ease when inserting probes.

SISCO’s 1/8″ Mini Plug

This SISCO plug was created at the request of our customers for use where space is constrained. Use anywhere you can use a 1/8″ NPT schrader valve.

Also available is 1/16″ gauge adapter for tridicator to take full range pressure and temperature readings.

SISCO Plugs Are Unique

Unique ideas for using a SISCO plug…

  • Inject or extract substances from lines while in operation
  • Bleed air or gases
  • Separate extension:
    • You can use the same test equipment on plugs with extensions….”Our core is always at the top.”
  • Measure flow rates:
    • Position one plug on each side to be tested. Determine pressure variance by subtracting the downstream reading from the upstream reading pressure differential can be used to determine flow rate.
  • Recommended Locations for P/T Test Plugs For Balanced Heating and Cooling Systems
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  • Complex, present day systems necessitate accurate pressure/temperature measurement for a quick, economical method to balance heating and air conditioning systems. SISCO plugs allow easier, more accurate testing for less.

SISCO Plugs Pass the Test, Save Time & Money

SISCO plugs provide access to fluids and gases in closed systems without disruption.

  • Measuring: Pressure/Temperature/Flow Rate
  • Sampling: Retrieve samples without disrupting system
  • Bleeding: Bleed air from a/c lines to increase efficiency
  • Single set of gauges to test or sample all points.

Save the added expense of permanent installations and multiple test equipment.

  • Quickly move from point to point fingertip caps provide quick and easy access.
  • Security: Testing equipment is not duplicated nor prone to vandalism. Climate extremes and corrosive contaminants.
  • Flexibility and durability